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Benefits to work with LIC as agent to become Life Insurance profession is the “best paid hard work”. As Successful agents often have high earnings, but many who assume agent jobs fail to earn enough from commissions to meet their income goals and eventually transfer to other careers.


We provide you with the best-in-class training systems, since that is what differentiates LIC Agent from the rest. Even if you don't have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training programme conducted by our qualified in-house training personnel, will make you a specialist in life insurance sales. There is a further focus on soft skills such as communication, managing long-term relationships and selling skills, which are very relevant in a service-driven industry like life insurance.

Rewards & Recognition

LIC agents are constantly recognized and rewarded for their performance. Numerous competitions all year round promote healthy competition amongst agents and recognition for their efforts. Depending on the level of business the agent achieves in a year, he or she can become a member of various clubs such as the Corporate Club, the Chairman’s club, etc. Each of these clubs have specific performance criteria for qualification and members of these clubs are entitled to attend seminars held at exotic international and domestic locations each year. Advisors can also qualify for the renowned MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), an exclusive international insurance advisors club.

Retirement Benefits

You will help yourself as you plan retirements and you have dreams which fulfilling financial goals by insurance policies. You can make the difference on people lifes as you provides retirements plan polices and you make to their lives is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine.


LIC helps you to become selfdependent. You can easly setup you business. It is a business where you are your own boss. You don't need to work under any person. Student, Housewifes and unemployed persons can be selfdependet by joining the LIC as the Agent and earn for the life and for life for standard.

Financial Strength

Work as agent year and year and with the help of recurring income-feature of the insurance compensation your income goes on steadily increasing every year. Each succeeding year’s new sales add to the renewal commission on the previous year’s business. Your renewal commission will grow faster every year, if with increasing expertise, you do more and more business as years roll by.

Term Insurance

free family protection : Free term insurance is payable under Schedule VI of the (Agents) Rules, 1972 in the event of death of a confirmed agent before age 60 provided among other conditions : (a) he was appointed before age 50 (b) he has completed at least 3 “qualifying years” (c) his agency was in force on the date of death, and (a) he holds an insurance policy (other than a temporary insurance policy) for at least Rs. 5,000/- at the time of death.

To Join Agency Career in LIC of India Kanpur, Give a Missed Call on : +91 941 505 1869, +91 919 845 4613.


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